Leeann accepts The Heart of a Patriot Award from Gary Sinise at the USO of Illinois Gala in 2008
Leeann with General Tommy Franks in Qatar, 2003
With Robert De Niro visiting the troops in Qatar, 2003
Leeann with the Sergeant Major of the Army, Ken Preston, visiting troops in Iraq, 2008
Leeann with a beautiful blackhawk crew chief in Kuwait, 2008
Leeann with Robin Williams and John Elway breaking ground at the Pat Tillman USO Center in Afghanistan; 2004
Leeann with Rebecca Romjin in Baghdad, Iraq in 2003 (In Touch Magazine)
Leeann in the cockpit of the Number 7; Blue Angels flight in 2005
Singing on stage with Wayne Newton and Kid Rock; Qatar 2003
USA Today newspaper clipping
Leeann with an Airman at the USO Gala in Washington, DC; 2005
Leeann's USO Tour Diary as seen in FHM Magazine
Magazine clipping from FHM of Leeann's USO Tours
Leeann with her new friend, Travis, at the Walter Reed Medical Center
Leeann with 3 Generals in Qatar, 2003
Leeann with Major Dougherty at the Army Ball in 2006
Leeann on Capitol Hill for a lunch with Medal of Honor recipients
Leeann with General David Petraeus in Baghdad, Iraq; 2006
Leeann greets an Airman on the tarmac in Afghanistan
Leeann with Bill Murray, Miss USA and a female soldier who lost her leg in Iraq; 2008
Leeann and a lot of STARS!  In Iraq after the capture of Saddam Hussein, 2004
Leeann stuffing care packages on Capitol Hill with Congressman Howard Coble
Leeann on stage with Shaquille O'Neal at the USO Gala in 2005
Leeann with Colin Quinn and General Richard Myers in Alaska; 2005
Leeann posing with the Pentagon's tour guides
Leeann talking with the Secretary of the Army and the Sergeant Major of the Army
Leeann hosting the USO Show in Kuwait; 2007
Leeann with General Pete Pace at the Casino Night for Wounded Warriors in Washington, DC; 2008
Leeann with General Odierno in Baghdad, Iraq; 2009
Leeann and Rodney in Iraq; 2009
Girl Power in Iraq; 2009
Leeann on stage in Baghdad, Iraq; 2009
Leeann at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center with Tony Orlando and Mary Eisenhower
Leeann and her Army pilots in Tallil, Iraq; 2009
Leeann with Major Dougherty and Sergeant Rick Yarosh at the USO Metro Gala; 2009
Leeann with Command Sergeant Major Mellenger and Sergeant Major of the Army Ken Preston
Leeann in Ramadi, Iraq; 2006
Leeann filling sandbags with the Sergeant Major of the Army in Ramadi, Iraq; 2006
Leeann visiting wounded warriors at Walter Reed with former Redskins great, John Riggins
Leeann with Mr. Hendrick at Walter Reed; 2008
Leeann with Lt. Andy Baldwin and General Pete Pace at the USO Metro's Casino Night in Washington, DC
Leeann enjoying Casino Night with 2 wounded warriors in Washington, DC
Leeann visiting with troops at Forward Operating Base Borus in Afghanistan; 2008
Leeann with General Casey at the Army Ball; 2007
Leeann enjoying her skydive with the Army's Golden Knights
Leeann in Congress with Colonel Bud Day; 2008
Leeann with Robert Duvall and Gary Sinise at the G.I. Film Festival in 2008
Leeann with Dale Earnhardt, Jr at Walter Reed visiting wounded warriors
Leeann on board the USS Truman; 2004
Leeann hosting the Army Ball in 2006
Leeann with the oldest living Medal of Honor recipient, John Finn
Leeann and John Elway visiting a wounded warrior in Germany in 2004
Leeann has been on 16 USO tours
around the world in support of our
4 of which have been to
Iraq and Afghanistan